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Any Booking or Registration with www.phurr.in will be taken as acceptance of our T&C

Thanks for your interest in Phurr Holiday packages. We would be delighted to have you join our tour and will make every possible effort to ensure that you have a memorable holiday. We take pride on our work and operate on principles of fairness, Integrity, Transparency and Mutual respect, which will help us to win your trust and hearts.

  • Guest/s hereby acknowledges that all the guest/s who have booked the tour have gone through the itinerary and is well aware about the same and all the guest/s are Medically fit to undertake the said tour. The Company reserves the right to ask the guest/s to provide written certification of his medical fitness before departure. The persons who are medically fit to undertake the said tours only shall join the said tour. The persons who are and/or who have suffered from any ailments for which they have taken medical treatment and/or have gone into check up and/or hospitalisation shall join the tour at their own risk. Whenever on tour, in case of any health emergency or health related issues, the guest/s shall solely be responsible to make their own arrangements on the tour for medical assistance. Guest/s shall not expect the Tour Buddy to pay full time attention and/or to provide any medical treatment. It is possible that the Tour Buddy may be busy in his work for making arrangements for rest of the group. Guest/s shall solely be responsible for any health related issues and arrangement of medical aid, if any.
  • The group of members confirming participation will voluntarily take part in any activity/Tour announced. You understand, by booking a tour and take part in outdoor activity/Tour, each participant / member and group of people acknowledge that he/she is solely responsible for their own welfare and safety and have waived all rights in regards to any legal action against the organisers (Phurr Travel) and any person under the meet up group and agreed to exonerate the organizers and any person under the meet up group and any other participants in the outdoor activities from any liabilities, claims, damages, compensation and whatever name called including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any loss of life, injuries or disabilities, partial or full and or for damages arising thereof in consequence of any event in control of the Organisers and any person under the meet up group.
  • In case of force majeure cases (such as curfew, riots etc), Phurr shall not be liable for any losses made thereof.
  • We live in a dynamic world with all kind of circumstances. Circumstances amounting to “Force Majeure” include any event which Phurr or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not even with all due care, foresee or forestall such as (by way of example and not by way of limitation) war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, acts of God, adverse weather conditions, and all similar events can sometime impact the laid plan. It can be either before or during the tour. In rare, but possible situation the tour may get amended/cancelled or you may have to incur an addition expense. In this situation, Phurr promise to provide best possible support and minimise the impact on cost, but Phurr need to pass it on to you with no profit- no loss basis. You are liable to pay as when it occurs.
  • We are a travel and holiday service provider and our group/private tours are co-ordinated by Phurr using services of other service providers like Airline, hotel and transport companies etc. These are public provider and are not owned by Phurr. While we handpick these providers to provide best possible combination, but things may go wrong/beyond our control. Accordingly, Phurr cannot be held responsible for any delay, improper services provided by any service provider or for any injury, death, loss or damage to property which is caused by act or default/omission of the management or employee or agents of the service providers. Suitable action against erring service provider will be taken by Phurr, which includes warning and blacklisting from future tie-ups.
  • Phurr provide VISA assistance for international travel and we can not assure the same. Cancellation policy will apply in case your VISA application is not approved/granted.
  • Our maximum liability for any reason will be restricted to the amount paid for the trip (Exluding flights).
  • Any amendments/additions to package (dates, inclusions, itinerary etc), will be done at extra cost to the customer. Changes made to the package will be made as per cancellation policy of the original package and customer has to bear the cost incurred due to this.
  • In case local attractions are closed for maintenance/weather conditions/government orders/strike/curfew/natural calamity/other unforeseen reasons, Phurr will try our best to reimburse the traveller appropriate amount against the same in case refund is possible. However, Phurr are not obligated for the same and cannot be held liable against it.
  • Please note that after the finalisation of the Tour/ service Cost, if there are any Hike in entrance fees of monuments / museums, Taxes, fuel cost or guide charges – by Govt of India, the same would be charged as extra.
  • Phurr act only in the capacity of agent for the hotels, airlines, transporters, railways & contractors providing other services & all exchange orders, receipts, contracts & tickets issued by Phurr are issued subject to terms & conditions under which these services are provided by them
  • All itineraries are sample itineraries, intended to give you a general idea of the likely trip schedule. Numerous factors such as weather, road conditions, the physical ability of the participants etc. may dictate itinerary changes either before the tour or while on the trail. Phurr reserve the right to change any schedule in the interest of the trip participants' safety, comfort & general well being.
  • Phurr shall not be responsible for any delays & alterations in the programme or expenses incurred – directly or indirectly – due to natural hazards, flight cancellations, accident, breakdown of machinery or equipments, breakdown of transport, weather, sickness, landslides, political closures or any untoward incidents.
  • Phurr shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person, property, or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation or other services, resulting – directly or indirectly – from any act of GOD, dangers, fire, accident, breakdown in machinery or equipment, breakdown of transport, wars, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, pilferages, epidemics, medical or custom department regulations, defaults, or any other causes beyond our control (by way of example and not by way of limitation).
  • If any guest/s is suffering from any medical ailment and have concealed the same, Phurr reserves the right to cancel the booking / registration of such guest/s on medical and/or other grounds without assigning reasons therefore. Phurr also reserves the right to restrict / modify / amend the tour of such guest/s without assigning any reasons. If we so directs, the guest/s shall have to travel by a separate transport at an additional cost to be paid by guest/s immediately. The guest/s suffering from any disease at the time of booking / registration is required to provide the doctor's fitness certificate to undertake the tour. For Kailash Manasarovar tour maximum age limit is 69 years or as may be decided by the competent authority from time to time and for the said tour the medical fitness certificate of the guest/s is must. In case of death of guest/s, all the arrangements for transportation of dead body including procuring the death certificate, postmortem, repatriation of dead body and all personal effects/property and insurance claims etc. shall be made by the accompanying guest/s and/or relative of the deceased. Company shall make all endeavour to extend any help but cannot guarantee the same. The entire expenses shall be borne by the accompanying guest/s or their relatives. Phurr or any Travel Buddy shall not be responsible for the same. If any of the relatives want to visit the country where the guest/s has passed away all the necessary arrangement shall be made by the said relatives only.
  • Phurr will be total transparent and tell you clearly about the inclusion and exclusion of our tour packages. Every thing that has not been mentioned is clearly an exclusion and Phurr want you to clarify each doubt with no hesitation.
  • Phurr and your fellow travellers expect you to be in good health so that everyone can have a memorable trip. A health related event with guest in a group can he highly stressful and disruptive for the individual concerned as well as for the entire group. In case of any health related event which impedes your ability to continue the trip with everyone else, you have to to call upon a family member within 24 hrs and ensure their presence to provide full time assistance. While Travel buddy will provide required assistance, Phurr do hope you understand that he will be taking care of entire group and has his responsibility to ensure seamless holiday for other members. Therefore, a full time attention is a bit difficult and not possible.
  • A group tour is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people and to make new friends. At the same time, guests are requested to respect privacy of other group members. All members have their own sensitivity level and we need to gauge and act accordingly in a group. To cater all guest and to maintain hygiene, Phurr follow no smoking, drinking and eating policy on bus/coaches and cars. Seat in a coach is on rotational basis.
  • Please value time. We request you to be on time for each departure (Flight, sightseeing and checkouts). We unfortunately do not have other choice than leaving a member who is not adhering to schedule and that member has to arrange for him/herself.
  • Two single guest can decide to share a hotel room, and/or accommodate a third guest booked on the same tour on triple sharing basis. Any misunderstandings or incidence like missing items or difference of opinion between each other shall have to be settled between room partners themselves. Company is not responsible for any loss or mishap. If for any reason, concerned partner cancels or alters the booking of the tour, no adjustment shall be made from the monies contributed by guest / #partner who had cancelled the tour. Shared rooms have no smoking policy.
  • Phurr or any of its independent contractors shall not be bound to serve non veg food items during en-route journey and/or en-route lunch halts for Indian/Domestic Sector. We shall endeavour to select the best quality restaurants for en-route lunch halts in terms of food, sanitation facilities, hygiene, service but shall not have direct control over their maintenance. Guest/s shall take note that the Restaurant Manager allots the table for the group that shall depend upon the group size and infrastructure of the restaurant.
  • There is mostly a pre-set menu for meals depending on the tour program. Packed meals are served at some places. Company mostly serves Vegetarian food along with few Non - Veg items. We do not differentiate amongst the guest/s by providing a special meal or special diet. Apart from that if any different diet is required, the said guest/s shall make their arrangements for the meal at their own costs and consequences. No Complaints / Claims for refund in respect of the meals shall be entertained and Phurr reserves the right to change the menu and arrangements of the meals without assigning any reasons therefor.
  • Travel Buddy/assistants/escorts are assisting to the guest/s throughout the tour, they are not responsible for guest/s baggage or any kind of personal belongings. On the entire tour the guest/s are to be responsible and carry the baggage on their own. The instructions and information of the tour, are to be followed in the group tours and Travel Buddy is not responsible for any instructions overruled by the guest/s and its consequences. To amend, alter, vary, reshuffle the tour itinerary on tour by Travel Buddy without assigning any reason to guest/s.
  • Guest/s are responsible for their own baggage. The baggage at the airport, during any air travel, in coaches, in any train journey, at immigration points etc, guest/s have to verify and be responsible for the same. The porterage or the tips for services rendered to carry guest/s baggage to the rooms is guest/s responsibility and have to be paid directly to the service provider. The "porter" or any helper arranged by the guest/s at any train stations, airports, at immigration points or any other place, is the sole responsibility of the guest/s and guest/s shall have to pay tip directly to them.
  • Airlines are solely responsible for overbooking of seats by the Airline, failure to provide meal as required by the guest/s' choice, meals offered by the airline/quality of meal, loss of baggage by the Airline, failure on the part of Airline to accommodate guest/s despite having confirmed tickets, flight delay, change in date or time, no permission to board on flight by Airlines etc and no claim of whatsoever nature shall be made by the guest/s against Phurr for both with or without flight packages. In case of any increase in Airport Taxes/Airport Development fees payable to the respective Airport shall be borne and payable by guest/s. All the booking / cancellation / change of the airline ticket and the travel on such airline ticket shall be subject to the terms and conditions of respective airlines. High season surcharge as per the rules of the Airline concerned has to be paid by the guest/s. Any increase in airfare, airport taxes, visa charges, fuel surcharges after the booking/registration shall have to be paid by the guest/s. Air Ticket Cancellation charges plus deposit forfeit charges as are applicable under the rules of the concerned Airline are to be paid by guest/s immediately in the event of cancellation of the tour by guest/s. In case of multiple air tickets - eg: to and fro - issued for the tour under single PNR, the guest/s are responsible to pay full charges and shall not claim any additional cancellation charges, as per airline rules, in case of No Show for any particular sector - missing any of the flights. However, Phurr endeavours to provide best alternative services on chargeable basis to ensure the safety and benefit of the guest/s. Phurr shall be only service facilitator in case of all regional air departure and flight connectivity. Any post programme of pre-programme of Guest in personal nature, shall be the responsibility of Guest only.
  • If the behaviour of any guest is likely to cause distress or harm to themselves, our member of staff, or other team members, or other guests our Tour manager reserve the right to terminate their trip at any time and they will have to make their own arrangements; we will not be liable for any expenses incurred as a result. We will not entertain any claims arising due to such action.
  • Persons, friends or relatives of the guest/s, who have not booked the tour shall not be allowed in hotel rooms, restaurants, coaches and sight seeing places or for any activity on the tour.
  • A transfer from the originally booked tour to another tour is treated as cancellation of earlier tour and therefore a fresh booking of another tour has to be made. All cancellation charges shall apply on tour tariff and not on discounted tour tariff for the earlier booked tour. The tour tariff and discounts available / given for the cancelled tour are not valid for fresh booking. Tour tariff and discounts prevailing on the date of fresh booking of another tour shall be applicable.
  • Special services shall not be given to any specific person in a group tour. Phurr, without committing itself or being held responsible in any way whatsoever, shall make reasonable attempt to accommodate the special needs of disabled travellers/senior citizens if informed at the time of booking. Most transportation services are not equipped with wheel chair ramps. A qualified companion at the entire cost of the disabled guest/senior citizen must accompany the guest who may need such services/assistance as the same are not provided by Phurr and/or Independent Contractor to the other guest/s in the Group.
  • The payment of initial registration amount just indicates guest/s' intention of participation in the tour but does not entitle him to any of the services including travel tickets, visas, hotel accommodations etc. until the full tour tariff payment has been received by Phurr.
  • In case full tour tariff is not paid as per Terms & Conditions, Phurr reserves the right to cancel the booking/registration with consequent forfeiture of deposit/advance amount/entire part payment made to Phurr and/or the deduction of cancellation charges, at our discretion.

For more details on Cancellation and refund policy, please refer to our website www.phurr.in

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