About Us

Let’s find out who we are?

We are a travel companion with a vision to create memorable travel experience for 45 plus age group.

We keep in mind your comfort by ensuring our itinerary doesn’t rush you. Our group tour is accompanied by a “Travel buddy” and he is going to take care of almost anything and everything. Hotel, restaurant or a cab, each partner of our travel package is handpicked! We don’t run for discounts.

Why you must give us a try?

  • Assisted and Exclusive tour for 45 plus/Senior Citizens
  • Elderly/Senior citizen friendly accommodations
  • Comfortable mode of transport
  • Leisurely paced itinerary
  • Aptly sized group of likeminded people
  • “Travel Buddy” for easily available/accessible assistance


Just to let you know whom to catch in case anything goes wrong!

Gaurav Kumar


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