Finally took the plunge!! Good I dared!


Finally took the plunge!! Good I dared!

Posted : Jul 25, 2023

After a lapse of many years somehow came to know of PHURR. What an imaginative name! A travel agency run by Gaurav. And I was about to go to the place of "Wild Asses", that too with some unknown single ladies right from Delhi where I reside and couples from other part of country. I was excited... Gaurav and his Phurr hooked me and I finally took the plunge!! Good I dared!!

I was going through the itinerary and read about "Little Rann" and its "Wild Asses". I could imagine Rann of Kutch heard these when in school.. it was marked in the Oxford Atlas, but Little Rann"???  "ASSES" that too "Wild Asses"? Do "Asses" need to be protected??!!And a "sanctuary" only for them? I wondered

It was a nine days trip, covered so many places. There were Mandirs, Step-wells, Sanctuaries, Light and Sound shows. Each night a different place, a different hotel /resort.

PHURR is a quaint travel agency (so different from others) where each one of us felt pampered with our wishes fulfilled.... Some one had wondered aloud if we could have Lohri and we landed up with a bonfire! That to in the midst of the Gir forest /jungle.

We were a group of 17coming from different parts of India speaking different languages with vast culture differences. Yours truly (me), representing Eastern India---Bengal to be precise. I'll still remember the day we had Kathiawadi food (Day 1) which was very tasty but too hot for my palate. Before I could make a nuisance of myself it was seen to that I had bowls of sugar, Gulab jamuns and sugar syrup. From then on my food was taken care of by my fellow travellers (who have now become my family) from Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Lucknow, Dehradoon. They all made sure I had my "sweet at my seat! Was not expecting it from people who met me 1 day before I love you all!!

There was this ever-smiling lady, who spoke only Kannad ---she became one of us in no time. Language had nothing to do with our "bon-homie". My own Hindi is atrocious (many make fun of it)-but this mini India never commented. These language and cultural barriers never stopped us To Connect.

And Gaurav, our Travel Buddy, my personal escort--full of energy, always with new tricks up his sleeves to relieve us of boredom, ever ready to jump at new ideas, ever smiling, easily approachable, never tired -always as fresh as A Daisy. l thank you once again for coaxing me to experience the joy of touring with PHURR. Now I know I would have missed the JOY more than the WILD ASSES.

May the spirit of PHURR always remain like this. Best of luck!!

- Banani Biswas

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It is a beautifully written review ,full of love wit & humour.She has poured her heart out for fellow travelers & our darling Gaurav .it is just first rate.It is a review that all will appreciate .

Commented By: Dr v k Verma, Date: 29 Jan, 2019

She is lovable joyfully NANI and big thanks to Gaurav for arranging this tour

Commented By: Aparna, Date: 29 Jan, 2019

Awesome , amazingly wonderful comprehensive story. Jamoon eaten radogullawali nutty little young girl's narrative has made me spell bound. Left with no extra superlatives. Gaurav you got icing with cherry on the cake

Commented By: Rekhadeepak, Date: 29 Jan, 2019

Sir....The feeling is mutual :)

Commented By: Gaurav (Team Phurr), Date: 29 Jan, 2019

Most welcome Aparna "ji" :))

Commented By: Gaurav (Team Phurr), Date: 29 Jan, 2019

"Jamoon eaten radogullawali nutty little young girl's narrative "

hahahah Good one!

Commented By: Gaurav (Team Phurr), Date: 29 Jan, 2019

I also discovered Phurr...a nice name. ..for a traveling group on facebook and was hesitant initially but after talking to Gaurav all my apprehensions evaporated.l wanted to take the plunge through Gujurat tour and enjoyed it immensely. We all were given special attention as we undertook the kutch journey. All credit goes to the owner of the company Gaurav.

Commented By: Amarjeet kaur, Date: 29 Jan, 2019

Thank you ma'am....looking forward to see you soon in Meghalaya tour :)

Commented By: Gaurav (Team Phurr), Date: 29 Jan, 2019

So very well written auntie. Am sure it would ve been a super duper experience with u in the team too.

Commented By: Gayatri, Date: 01 Feb, 2019

Loved to read it. Spread the fire. Let us all try to get into such adventure and get our confidence back. There is so much to do, so much to see and so much to share in the course of our life's journey. Cheers

Commented By: Siddhartha Roy, Date: 04 Feb, 2019
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